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Swimming Pool now with Saltwater

April  2013

Many people today are concerned with the side effects of pool chemicals when swimming in a normal chlorinated pool. One type that has become very popular recently, mainly due to the softer feel of the water, is the saltwater pool.

Although only salt is added to the water, there is in fact still some chlorine in the pool. However the chlorine is a by-product of the added salt and the level is much much lower than in a normal pool.

More importantly, the water is virtually free of "chloramines". Chloramines are the nasty things that cause the smell and irritation to the eyes and skin.

Salt is a more natural approach and much safer on our skin and hair than the harsh chlorine chemical tablets. Also, a saltwater pool will not fade or damage the swimsuit as much as a chlorinated pool.

So - the pool at Villa Stabbia should now feel really soft on the skin and without the heavy smell of chlorine. In addition, the soft water should feel really good on the eyes. The salt in the water is so little though, that one is not able though to neither taste nor smell the salt. It is nothing like the ocean.

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